28-Day Power Cleanse Course

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28-Day Power Cleanse Course

There Are Two Illnesses - Deficiency & Toxicity - Nutrition is the Solution!

Why Do A Power Cleanse?


Most people are possibly walking around in a nutrient-deficient state. In fact, obesity itself actually reveals that the cells of the body are starving. The food taken in is usually high in sugar, oils and fats. The body does not know how to process these man-made foods and so it stores them as fat cells. The brain then triggers another hunger response, as the body is looking to be fed nutrition. This is a vicious cycle of hunger, eat nutrition deficient foods, hunger...and so on. How many times have you eaten a fast-food takeaway only to be hungry an hour or so later?


The 28-Day Power Cleanse packs in massive amounts of nutrients and gives the body time to throw out all of the stored fat and toxins.



What is the Cleanse About?


The 28-days are based on daily juices and smoothies that are specific in their set of nutrition to end any amino acid, vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body and eliminate toxins, fast!


The cells respond within twenty minutes of the first juice! They immediately get to work. Not only that, but for every day that you do the Power Cleanse, you release one year of your life from out of the cells. That's right! You are clearing out one year in one day. You will find this out for yourself, as each day correlates with a year, so certain memories, cravings or feelings can arise during parts of the cleanse. When you count back the years parallel to the day, you will find that they mirror each other.


What Makes this Cleanse Different to Others?


We have supplements that can get the toxins out of your body at an incredible speed! Most of the people that we work with do not go through the usual detox side-effects of headaches, shakes, hunger or weakness. The juices and smoothies are designed to make you feel full and energised.


We are also trained Detox Specialists and there will be a private Facebook wall for you to connect in and speak with us on a daily basis. Posted to the wall there will be webinar recordings, videos, shopping lists, documents, including what each vegetable does in the body, a wall planner, etc.


Not only that, you are given preparation time, so book as soon as you can to get yourself ready. A simple maintenance plan is also given at the end of the 28-days that not only guarantees you a brilliant life-style, but one where you can also enjoy life, so that nothing is taboo.


Can Anyone do the Cleanse?


There is not one person who will not benefit from packing the body full of nutrient dense juices and smoothies and detoxing the cells. All are welcome. If you do have an illness that you are being treated for, we ask that you tell us about this condition on enrolment so that we can make sure you are monitored. If you are elderly and home alone, we also need to know.




"I feel as energetic as I was when a child, my sense of smell has returned, skin is clearer, I feel stronger in my body. You can gain so much from this cleanse that I cannot recommend it highly enough." L.L.V Brisbane, Australia


"I always thought I ate well - cooking from fresh, no processed, etc - but I have learned SO much!" M.P - UK


"I Lost 24 pound in the last month! Back to a fighting weight last seen at university some 45 years ago. Thanks for this programme Mike and Jo. It has just surprised me how I've the energy these days and feel so much lighter." E.B.D - Scotland


"I am so amazed that I have managed to stay on this for 28 days. Previously I managed 7 days at the most on other juice fasts but was very ill and toxic during the time. One of the most important things for me is that I have broken a comfort eating pattern and a continual need to graze all day with food. Thank you Jo and Mike and everyone else whose journeys have been shared." J.D - London, UK


"I crave the juices and will always make this a part of my weekly food intake. My health, alertness and stamina, plus my intuition have improved beyond my expectations. Love to all for your support, sharing in this most wonderful journey." A.P QLD, Australia


"I Really can't believe how it's flown past. Amazing to learn how physiological it all is. It's been another incredible course with the love, support and truth that goes with it - it is as always, remarkable. I am ready to continue with the maintenance plan. Thank you Mike and Jo and everyone for your sharing." A.W - Norfolk, UK


"What an absolutely incredible opportunity! Anyone who knows me would know that I am a coffee and chocolate type of girl – so whilst I was excited to begin the 28 day cleanse – I was also concerned about the headaches, withdrawals and everything that generally comes with a ‘detox’. However, I am happy to report that this never happened. I never once experienced hunger (and yet lost 8 kilograms!). The truth is, I feel absolute radiant. So thank you Mike & Jo – from the bottom of my heart. M.D - QLD, Australia


"The eczema on my hands and arms was terrible. I now feel much healthier mentally, emotionally and physically. My eczema completely went by week two and my eyes are brighter and my skin is clear. I would even do it again and recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health and get the most out of life every day. If I can do it anyone can!!" N.S - QLD, Australia


"Thank you so much Mike and Jo for this opportunity to do this cleanse. It has been so wonderful to be here and with all this support. I have never tried anything that compares with this. Thank you for being here with me all the way to get rid of my eczema. So happy to have done this with you." H.S.L - Jutland, Denmark


"About 4 months ago I contracted a virus that I just couldn't seem to fully clear no matter what I did. My body responded straight away to the cleanse and within a few days my cough had eased. I did not suffer headaches or other usual detox symptoms during this cleanse which was just wonderful. My skin is glowing; I have lost 6 kg (14lbs) and am now at a weight that feels really healthy for me. I feel alive! This cleanse would be brilliant for everyone!" K.W, QLD, Australia


"Freedom on every level of our being is not just for the lucky few, it's for everyone. "

Jo Le-Rose


The course runs one week prior to the start date to ensure that you have read, listened and taken note of all the information. The start date will commence with a welcome greeting end with a congratulations webinar and a maintenance plan.


Private FB page

Daily support


9th Jan - Facebook page opens for the welcome recording and documents.


23rd Jan - Start date for 28 days


20th Feb - Congratulations Webinar (recorded) & Maintenance Plan



Please email jo@jolerose.com with your booking. The fee is £225 and you can either pay by bank transfer or by debit/credit card. A link will be published in Jan for cards. You will be sent a confirmation, invite to the Facebook page, a welcome document and a list of supplement requirements.

Please note: numbers are limited. Further instructions on how to access other documents and the videos will be be posted to the Facebook page. The fee is non-refundable.



"Wow 28 days! I thought by now I'd be so eager to eat something but I'm not! I've seen just how much I used food, especially sugar, as a crutch and a filler for my emptiness, but have had no choice really but to feel it the last few weeks. So many brilliant tools for life, and I feel this is going to be a lifestyle for me now. I've learnt so much from doing this and the support has been amazing. Thank you Jo, Mike and everyone for this experience." C.D - Cornwall, UK


"Not only is my partner doing this with me, we are feeding our 1 year old in the same way, he is sleeping through the nights now 99% of the time, such a relief after almost 12 months of broken sleep! This course has been so incredible, thank you so much Mike and Jo for creating it and taking us through it and providing us with so many life-changing tools." N.L.V - QLD, Australia


"I just wanted to say thank you for this experience and the sharing. It is all very new to me, but I have enjoyed it and learned a lot. This cleanse came along at the most appropriate time in my life. It was something for me. Self-care on a level that I had never done or thought I needed. I feel so different physically and mentally for the good. Thank you Jo and Mike for letting me be a part of it and for everyone for sharing your experiences." C.D - UK


"I was a little nervous before starting this cleanse as I wondered if it would sustain my very physical job. The depth of this cleanse and what it offers to the body and mind is truly profound. It has shown me clearly the effect my mind has in my life in trying to control my body with food. I now feel very balanced and clear in my body and mind, I have reached a calmness inside myself. The way this cleanse takes you back through the years of your life is a deeply healing experience with plenty of ups and downs. It has left me with a feeling of having a clean slate and the opportunity to really allow abundance in on every level." J.J - IOW, UK



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